About us

Although Rainbow Tours itself only started operating more recently, many of those behind this initiative have been working together  on tourism programs for over 30 years! Our combined expertise therefore makes us one of the  most experienced of the smaller tour operators on the island. With the boom in tourism after the ending of the recent civil war, the market has inevitably exploded with “experts” in this field, so caution is warranted! Our policy is  not to “cut corners”, but to deliver what we promised through a number of carefully selected and Tourist Board registered drivers using comfortable and reliable vehicles.

Let us show you the island’s fabulous treasures in safety and comfort!



Born into a shamanastic country family and carefully trained by his father, Tilak was a child prodigy Fire Dancer from aged 8 performing around the island to great acclaim. At the same time he was instructed in Ayurvedic Healing and Shamanastic practices. After marrying in Kandy, he became an accomplished “Kandy Dancer” and has led dance troupes to Europe and Asia. Still dancing and fire walking,  he is a natural performer and these days loves to share his knowledge of the culture and history of his island home.

Thilak is  in Action

Walking on fire…


Son of Tilak and recently married with a young daughter, Wasantha cared for an elderly, retired Englishman who put him through the British Council to learn good  English. He also gave him a worldly outlook and education including the more spiritual aspects of life. Wasantha is a happy and cheerful character, as well as  being a safe and considerate driver! He is a member of the Kandy Tourist Driver’s Association, affiliated with the Tourist Board.


rainbow-tours-wasantha-with-waddaWasantha with a Wedda tribesman…


Wasantha with the New Van…




A friend of the Sendanayake family since 1980, he was at that time tourist services contracts manager for British Airways on the island. Since leaving the airline,  Simon Peter has developed his own brand of special interest tours globally bringing people into contact with Nature and honouring her sacred sites of power.  For the past decade he has run his own annual “Infinity tour of Sri Lanka” with the Sendanayake family and is well acquainted with the island’s rich cultural heritage. He acts as an unpaid advisor/consultant to Rainbow Tours.

Simon Peter with a tour group in front of Sigiri Rock

Simon Peter – In the Rainbow B&B Home Garden