With over 30 years of promoting Sri Lankan culture and tourism, we are well qualified and dedicated to sharing with you the huge variety of experiences available on our exquisite and exotic “Resplendent Isle”.

We are an independent tourism specialist – based in Kandy – with a British partner, offering itineraries and day tours that provide genuine local interaction beyond the more superficial tourism generally on offer.

Whatever your holiday interests, we can deliver unforgettable and competitively priced adventures that will attract you back to “paradise” time and time again!

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To avoid any confusion, we work with the ancient, universal and inclusive Rainbow symbol in the context of its deep significance within most cultures and traditions worldwide. All are most welcome under our “Rainbow Umbrella” :)


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UK’s best read newspaper, “The Sunday Times” (with 3.5 million multi-platform circulation) picks Sri Lanka as “Destination of the Year 2015”!

Sri Lanka – The miracle of Asia


Rainbow Tours offers an unbeatable combination of tailor made tour packages (1 day to multi night ), special deals, travel advice based on over 30 years of experience and professional, tourist board registered drivers using reliable vehicles. Let us show you our island’s fabulous treasures in safety and comfort!

Known as the ‘Jade Pendant in the Indian Ocean’ and as explorer Marco Polo’s favourite island, Sri Lanka is perhaps as close to “Paradise” as you’ll get anywhere on this planet! Indeed, many believe it was the original “Garden of Eden” with Adam’s huge footprint implanted on the summit of the island’s sacred pilgrimage peak – Sri Pada..

The miracle is that so much diversity is held in such a geographically small region blessed with friendly and welcoming inhabitants and a delightfully varied climate to suit all tastes. There are very few other tourist locations where you can explore no less than 8 Unesco World Heritage sites (6 cultural  – including ancient ruined cities going back thousands of years –  and 2 Natural), some of the world’s best beaches(with highest quality surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving over pristine coral reefs, whale/dolphin/turtle watching, fishing) all kinds of sports  – including golf, tennis and cricket  – combined with Wildlife safaris to view Elephants, Leopards among a rich variety of fauna, Nature trail Rainforest trekking with Bird Watching, white river rafting/canoeing/kayaking, caving, biking, and even hot air ballooning!

The ancient Natural healing science of Ayurveda  – using fresh local herbs and leaves  – is widely practiced in preference to allopathic (western) medicine and can be experienced at the eco-tourism village level through to expensive beach-side spas. We can recommend authentic, professional establishments at all prices. Many visitors also come to enjoy one of the oldest railway systems in the world – still mainly unmodernized!  – and with spectacular views in the central mountain ranges. Indeed many of our guests start their island tour by taking the “Kandy Express” from Colombo the morning after arrival and we meet them in kandy. The most beautiful scenic section from Nuwara Eliya to Ella is also popular by train and we can reserve observation class tickets.

With such a beautiful setting, the island lends itself to romance and with the gathering trend towards celebrating important personal events in exotic locations, we are especially well placed to help you realize your romantic dream – whether with an inspirational wedding & honeymoon or a traditional ceremony reaffirming and celebrating partnership bonds. Food is a vital ingredient in any successful holiday and again this abundant island excels in the culinary arts benefitting from an amazing diversity of locally grown, fresh produce and exotic fruit year round. An international Asian cuisine is also now well established. Last but not least – where to stay? Again the visitor is spoiled for choice from luxury camping in Nature (even in Tree Houses!), to friendly and inexpensive Guest Houses and B&Bs, standard international tourist quality properties with splendid and highend 5 star establishments of fine reputation at the top of the scale. Something for everyone and all pockets. Perhaps best summed up as:  “A little bit of everything where no one could ever be bored”

Living an Ayurveda Lifestyle

The 5,000+ year old Natural Healing Science of India & Sri Lanka. What’s Your Dosha: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha? This video will explain the basics and help you stay in balance.


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