Ancient maps are evidence enough way back in history of the presence of Whales and Dolphins in the seas off the south east coast of the island. A narrow and deep sea migration channel lies just off the coast adjacent to the Great Basses Reef and here a variety of cetaceans can regularly be viewed. Excursion from the ports of Mirissa, Kalpitya and Trincomalee (in the north east) take tourists out to view Blue (largest sea creature) and Sperm Whales and many varieties of  Dolphins – especially  spinners. Of course, other species can also be seen in these teaming waters such a tuna, sharks, flying fish and manta rays. Here is a rare opportunity to experience the thrill of being close and connected with the wondrous and highly intelligent inhabitants of our oceans. Happily, Sri Lanka joined the “Indian Ocean Whale sanctuary” in 1979, so these amazing creatures are safe and well protected in these welcoming waters.

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